Pam Meyerson and Associates provides a wide variety of therapy services to couples and adults.

Therapy Services Alcohol Addiction

When alcohol use turns into abuse and then addiction, many people lose control and suffer negative consequences to their work, family, relationships, marriage and finances.

Therapy Services Anxiety Treatment

Responsibilities and activities that you once enjoyed can start to feel overwhelming as you try and keep up with your work, social and personal commitments.

postpartum counseling

If postpartum persists without treatment, there is a risk of it getting worse, which results in the parent not being able to provide the best care for their newborn as possible.

Affairs are one of the most common causes of hardship or separation in a relationship. But, while roughly half of all marriages end in divorce, only five percent seek counseling.

It’s not uncommon for people considering marriage to question if they’re well suited for the long-term. You may be struggling to communicate with your partner, feel isolated or lonely and experience ongoing frustrations.

It can feel like you are alone in the world when you are having a difficult time entering into and sustaining supportive, caring relationships. But, the truth is, countless individuals struggle with similar challenges.

Sex Addiction Counseling

Sex & Love Addiction is more about the addict than it is about dissatisfaction with their spouse or partner. Much of my practice is devoted to treating co-dependents and Sex & Love Addicts, including addressing the lies, deceptions and manipulations.

While it is natural to feel overwhelmed or unfocused as you experience being on your own for the first time, if issues such as disorganization, poor time management skills or problems with concentration are causing problems, it could be a sign that you have ADHD.

Each of us faces obstacles and challenges in our life, and sometimes a little support can go a long way in helping us to successfully manage those difficulties.