Are You Struggling To Find Or Maintain A Satisfying and Healthy Relationship?

Do you regularly feel anxious, unimportant or lonely in your relationship? Are you struggling to start new relationships or do you feel trapped in a chain of unsatisfying, failed connections? You may feel more distant and less confident in your relationship than you used to, and you may have begun to question if you want to stay with your partner. Perhaps you or your partner is considering an affair – or, worse, one has already taken place. Or, you may wish you could find a meaningful and intimate connection with another, feeling empty and alone without someone to share your experiences with. Do you wish you could enter into and maintain a relationship where you felt safe and respected for who you are?

When dealing with relationship issues, you may become angry or disappointed when your partner won’t discuss certain problems or attend counseling with you. Alternately, you may be struggling to start new a relationship, feeling like you don’t know how to interact and be yourself with others. Difficulties in love can leave you frustrated and lonely, trapped with self-defeating thoughts. Are you beginning to think that you just aren’t “good” in relationships?

Many People Struggle to Find and Remain in Loving Relationships

It can feel like you are alone in the world when you are having a difficult time entering into and sustaining supportive, caring relationships. But, the truth is, countless individuals struggle with similar challenges. Dating can be an intimidating experience, and social anxiety prevents many people from pursuing companionship. Alternately, many who do pair up remain in unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships, fearful of being alone or feeling trapped by social or monetary obligations.

Relationships issues can develop or expand for a variety of reasons. Miscommunication, intimacy challenges and significant changes can lead to conflict or disconnection. It is completely natural that both partners won’t always be on the same page. In some cases, one partner may struggle with trust issues and/or be wary of relationship counseling. Trying to force your partner into therapy when he or she is not ready can cause more conflict and disconnection in your relationship, rather than helping. Alternatively, like countless others, you may be struggling to find and maintain a healthy relationship. Regardless of if you are in an unsatisfying partnership, have bounced from one failed relationship to another or can’t seem to find someone to share an intimate relationship with, there is hope. With help, you can learn to understand and overcome your relationship issues and develop the self-awareness and communication skills to move forward into more loving and meaningful connection with another.

Relationship Counseling Can Help You Feel Confident As You Find and Cultivate Love

When you are dealing with relationship issues, it is important you take the time to focus on yourself and how you behave in relationships. With the help of an experienced relationship therapist, you can learn to recognize and address the root causes behind the challenges you are facing. Whether you are currently in an unsatisfying relationship, between relationships or single, relationship counseling can help you understand your own wants, needs and goals. With increased self-awareness and introspection, you can begin to identify and break unhealthy patterns so you can find and nurture a loving, intimate connection.

In order to better understand the challenges you are facing, I will help you evaluate why you want to be in a relationship. When you recognize your goals – and the obstacles you are facing – you can better understand the harmful patterns of communication and behavior that are contributing to your relationship issues. With help, you can learn how to relate to and communicate with others in meaningful, positive ways.

I have helped individuals respond to their relationship issues for more than 15 years. With the guidance and support of an experienced relationship therapist, many of my clients are able to enter into and stay in healthy relationships where they feel valued and respected. With help, you can replace harmful or destructive behaviors with healthier alternatives so you can build the meaningful, loving relationships you are looking for.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about relationship counseling…

What good is relationship counseling when my partner won’t attend?

When you know what change you wish to see in your relationship – and you begin working toward that change – you will see an impact on your relationship. While the benefits of couples counseling can be significantly greater when both members attend, that may not be an option for you right now. And, offering your partner an ultimatum will likely leave him or her feeling isolated, angry, or uncared for. In my extensive professional experience, I have seen how powerful therapy can be in helping an individual bring positive change to a relationship.

Why am I the one who has to attend therapy? This isn’t fair…

You may feel like your partner is to blame for the challenges in your relationship, or that this is a two-way street and can only work if you both commit. In our sessions, we can take time to understand why your partner may be unwilling to attend therapy. Every solution starts with a first step, and you can be the one to start the healing process in your relationship. With enough effort and growth, your partner may even decide to seek therapy for his or herself or decide to join you in couples therapy.

You Can Find That Special Someone

If you are ready to better understand yourself and the relationship issues you are struggling with, or if you still have questions about relationship counseling, I encourage you to call (847) 274-8423 to schedule an appointment.