Interviews with Pam Meyerson


[popup url=”” height=300 width=800 scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]Strategies to Stop Fighting About Money[/popup]

North Shore therapist Pam Meyerson works with dozens of couples every week, and she says money frequently comes up in sessions. She says our feelings and attitudes about money often relate to our childhoods.


[popup url=”” height=300 width=800 scrollbars=”yes” alt=”popup”]5 Things You Should Know About Marriage Counseling[/popup]

Every long-term relationship goes through peaks and valleys. Marriage counseling can help a couple work through the valleys and enjoy the peaks. Here are five things therapist Pam Meyerson believes every committed couple should know about marriage counseling.

The Dangers of Facebook Friending Your Old Flame

The Dangers of Facebook Friending Your Old FlameHighland Park couples therapist Pam Meyerson compares the rush people get from these affairs to a drug. “The thrill of the affair can make you feel high,” she says “It’s exciting, it lowers stress and anxiety, and makes people feel young again.”