With the growing awareness regarding mental health in today’s time, people are beginning to explore different methods to consult professional therapists. One such method that has recently grown popular is online therapy and counseling sessions.

As its name suggests, online therapy refers to using the internet and corresponding computer-aided technologies for communication between the consultant and individuals as opposed to traditional face-to-face meetings. This includes texting, emailing, or calling your therapist during an appointment but primarily focuses on video conferencing.

Is It Effective?

YES! Recent research provides full-fledge evidence about virtual counseling being as equally effective as physical consultation sessions. Moreover, this therapy works best for treating moderate depression, anxiety, and trauma symptoms and reducing the intensity of psychopathological distress.

To help you deal with these challenges, we, at Pam Meyerson and Associates, are offering online counseling in New York as a way for you to get social and emotional support during these troubling times. Online counseling is an effective alternative that allows you to access expert professional care with a seasoned therapist in Sagaponack, NY.

To conclude, virtual therapy has opened up multiple opportunities for people living in remote areas or struggling to balance packed work routines with their mental well-being. This counseling is worth a shot by every individual who wants to keep their identity hidden for the time being and seek professional help to impact their mental health and everyday life positively.

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