In today’s technology-based world, Social media platforms are embedded into our lives and serve as the primary means for keeping in touch with our loved ones and staying up to date with what’s happening around us. However, because of the addictive nature of these platforms and the abundance of people available, it can be easy to cross healthy boundaries and overindulge, which can lead to problems in real life, especially when you’re married.

Unregulated use of social media can cause complications generating distress among partners. This has become such a prevalent problem that according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, one-third of divorce filings have the word Facebook in them.

If you don’t want social media to get in the way of your happy married life, you need to rethink the way you use social media and set up some boundaries.
Setting up healthy social media boundaries can make or break your relationship. Use this article as a reminder to pay close attention to elements like respect and defining your boundaries for a successful after-marriage life.

Below are some helpful tips for setting social media boundaries when married.

Have “The Talk” with your partner

Identification of a problem is the first step toward the solution. Neither you nor your partner will magically figure out if the other person dislikes something if you don’t talk about it. Have an open discussion about defining social media boundaries. Talk about what keeps you comfortable and what is uncomfortable. But always remember to be realistic and honest with yourself and your spouse.

Don’t be shy in expressing yourself when you need to

Feel like your mate is crossing a line that both of you agreed to? No matter how small the details are, you are empowered to speak up cause if you don’t, these minor details will turn into the most significant conflicts.

Figure out the ways together

Boundaries are not one size fits all; it depends on couple to couple. Together, you can figure out what will work for you as a couple. When opting for better solutions, never compare your relationship with others and try to set sustainable boundaries.

Create opportunities to detox together

To promote healthy marriages, you need to give one another a chance to detox together. Try setting your phone aside at the dinner table or when you get into bed to sleep. Spend time together, go for outings on weekends or take a night out. Mutually agree to disconnect your devices at times so you can connect with each other meaningfully.