Marital Partnership InfidelityMarital or partnership infidelity is widespread in our society.  There is no one cause for infidelity.  Rather, there are many explanations for why one or both partners commit infidelity.   One example is a sexual addiction in which one partner engages in impulsive or compulsive sexual behaviors.  Studies have shown that the brain chemicals of sex addicts acting out in their addiction are influenced to the same extent or to an even greater extent than addiction to narcotics.  Other common examples of infidelity are relationships of convenience or opportunity, such as coworkers that work together, neighbors or individuals in the same social group.  There are also mid-life issues that can lead to infidelity.

Regardless of the nature and extent of the infidelities, a partner may love his or her partner and treat them very well.  It is a mistake is to assume that a cheating partner does not have feelings of love for their partner.   Partners that still love each other and are willing to be honest can heal what might amount to years of unfaithfulness. Couples that engage in intensive therapy often find that the cheating partner never fell out of love but rather has individual issues that gave rise to infidelities.

Not every therapist is able to handle the level of anger, pain, feelings of betrayal and lack of trust that goes along with partnership infidelity.  Also, there are many situations where there are children born as a result of infidelities.  In other words, a child was created as a result of an affair.  Therapy in the area of partnership or marital infidelity is tough stuff and takes a very strong and assertive therapist to not lose the couple to the normal range of emotions and feelings that go along with partnership violations.

Therapist Pamela Meyerson has years of experience treating these types of partnership infidelities.  She is pro-relationship and will work very hard to set realistic therapeutic goals and strategies to address issues of marital or partnership infidelity. If your relationship is struggling, because of infidelity or betrayal, Pam can help. Feel free to contact her here.