Intimacy is the ability to share, be open, and allow another person to get close to you. A lot of couples struggle with this for 2 different reasons.

Each person struggles to be vulnerable.
Vulnerability means putting yourself and your emotions out there and taking a risk of not knowing how this will be met.
A lot of different things can play into someone struggling with being vulnerable. Someone might tell their partner they are struggling with something and the other person may meet them with criticism, invalidation, or even dismissiveness. With one having a whole range of these experiences in their lifetime they have learned to keep everything to themselves. This may cause bitterness, resentment, or even blaming of their partner.

Each person is afraid of closeness or someone else knowing who they really are (authentic self).

If one person has a fear of intimacy in the relationship and the other partner starts getting too close to them emotionally, the partner might start questioning the relationship why the other person puts up with them they feel unlovable and like they don’t deserve kindness this will cause that partner to flee instead of prospering in a healthy relationship.

Through counseling, you will be able to identify your relationship with intimacy and what it affects your relationship. It will bring you closer to yourself and your loved ones. As you become able to be vulnerable with others and stay in the present you experience things with other people and feel less alone. These reflections will lead to an overall more satisfying relationship. With less conflict and misunderstandings.