Are You Overwhelmed By Worry, Fear Or Panic?

Do you feel stuck, stressed or unfulfilled in your life? Does constant worry, too many tasks to juggle or troubled relationships leave you wondering how you will be able to make it through the next day? Maybe you’re struggling in your marriage and don’t know what to do. Or perhaps you feel as though something is missing in your life and wonder if things would be better if you had made different choices. Does your mind race with maybes and what-ifs, keeping you from being present and enjoying where and who you’re with? Do you struggle with persistent, negative thoughts, self-doubt and excessive stress? Perhaps you regularly say “yes” when you want to say “no”. Do you wish you could find a way to let go of persistent worry and feel comfortable, confident and satisfied in your life?

Life comes with many twists and turns, and some can bring challenges, worry and stress. It’s not uncommon to feel confused or anxious after a major life change, such as a divorce, relocation, loss or even the birth of a new baby. Relocating to a new city or losing your job can leave you feeling lost and uncertain what to do next. The stress of juggling kids, a career and a marriage can leave little time and energy for you to take care of yourself. Or maybe your children have grown up or are in school and you are having difficulty learning how to make yourself a priority again. Regardless of the specific issues, stresses or circumstances in your life, you may feel overcome with anxiety, wondering when and how and why life became so hard.

Anxiety Is a Normal Part of Life

Everyone goes through challenging periods or circumstances in their life that can leave them overwhelmed with anxiety. It’s not uncommon to struggle to cope with daily conflict and stresses, or second-guess your decisions. Anxiety becomes a problem, however, when you can no longer control it. Responsibilities and activities that you once enjoyed can start to feel overwhelming as you try and keep up with your work, social and personal commitments. Or you may have trouble sleeping or quieting a rapid heart rate as your mind races with concern over the day ahead.

Anxiety can also be the result of a major life transition like career or relationship changes, divorce or the loss of a loved one. These transitions often impact our life before we are ready, and the ensuing stress can be hard to manage. Some changes we are powerless to stop – like the passing of a loved one. Others we choose for ourselves, like accepting the pressure and responsibility that comes with a promotion. Whatever change it is that you are facing, it is natural to feel an element of uncertainty and anxiety over your new situation. But, when fear or doubt get out of control and begin to impact how you think, feel and behave, it can quickly leave you feeling hopeless.

The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this challenging time on your own. Anxiety treatment can help you find relief and achieve the personal growth and development you need to feel confident, happy and healthy again.

Anxiety Treatment Can Help You Relax and Find Confidence Within Yourself

Regardless of the specific issues that you’re dealing with, there is hope and help. I provide an empathic, supportive environment where you can feel Anxiety Treatment safe exploring the difficulties you are currently facing. I understand that your situation and your anxiety treatment goals are unique, and may involve life transitions, relationship issues, challenges at work or overcoming a personal worry or fear. In sessions, I can help you identify, explore and address the internal and external factors that are causing you worry and pain. Throughout the anxiety treatment process, you can learn to resolve conflict, manage stress and feel confident in your decisions.

In our first session we will determine the problems you need to address and what you wish to learn or accomplish through anxiety treatment. Our main focus will be to understand why you are struggling, how to resolve your unhappiness and for you to develop skills to mitigate anxious thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. We will work together to set therapeutic goals that can help you create the change you wish to see in your life and in your relationships. Finally, you will begin learning the strategies and techniques you need to achieve those goals, so you can feel less anxious and more confident. I bring a collaborative, interactive approach to our work together, listening and providing feedback and support as you work toward your own solutions.

In my more than 15 years of experience in anxiety treatment, I have helped countless individuals learn to manage and overcome anxiety. It is possible for you, too, to work through your current struggles and find relief. With help, you can learn how to become more comfortable and confident within yourself, so you can begin working toward a more fulfilling, satisfying life.

But, you may still have questions or concerns about anxiety treatment…

I should be able to handle this myself. I’m just weak.

We are all impacted by our circumstances in different ways and at different times. Society pushes us to try and handle our hardships on our own, however, we are human and humans are meant to be, learn, heal and grow with others. A little support can go a long way in helping you understand and overcome anxiety. Seeking therapy isn’t a matter of being weak, but of being strong enough to ask for help when it is needed.

I don’t have time to come in for weekly counseling sessions.

I understand you may have responsibilities or obligations that prevent regular sessions, and I will do my best to accommodate your scheduling needs. But, anxiety treatment is an investment in yourself and your well-being, and its effectiveness depends on your willingness to commit. I invite you to consider how much more productive you will be when you are no longer overwhelmed with worry or fear of failure. Be proactive and make yourself, your growth and your happiness a priority. It will not only benefit you, but also your work, relationships and the community around you.

I’ve been to therapy before and it didn’t help. How would working with you be different?

No two therapists bring the same methods, style and personality to their work. Similarly, you are not the same person you were when you last attended therapy. The bottom line, though, is that effective anxiety treatment really depends largely on finding a therapist you feel safe opening up to. If you’re unsure, I invite you to try a few sessions with me to determine if we’re a good match. If not, I can refer you to a colleague who may be better suited to provide the care and support you need.

You Can Feel Confident and In Control

If you are ready to begin working toward managing and overcoming your anxiety, or if you still have questions about anxiety treatment, please call (847) 274-8423 to schedule an appointment.