We can all benefit from positive change!

We can all benefit from positive change!

Each of us faces obstacles and challenges in our life, and sometimes a little support can go a long way in helping us to successfully manage those difficulties.

Many of my clients had never been in therapy before and were initially hesitant about it. However after just a few sessions, these same clients began to experience positive, powerful and meaningful changes in their lives.

Meet Pam Meyerson

In working together, I can help you identify, explore and address the underlying issues that are causing you stress or pain. In sessions, I’ll encourage you to set and achieve thoughtful, actionable, attainable goals that can elicit positive changes in all aspects of your life. My sessions are goal-oriented and we’ll measure progress as you take steps to achieve your goals. If progress is not being made, I will help you determine why and adjust our sessions accordingly.

I specialize in couples therapy, relationship counseling, anxiety and stress treatment, ADHD treatment and addiction counseling. I believe in a collaborative and active approach to the therapy process, and I provide ongoing feedback during our sessions.

I have been a practicing therapist in the Chicagoland area for over 20 years. I hold a Masters Degree in Social Work and another Masters Degree in School Psychology from Loyola University in Chicago. I have maintained a full-time private practice for over 15 years. A majority of my referrals come from physicians. References from these physicians are available upon request. In addition to my professional experience, I am married with five children. I also have several clinical therapists available to see you if necessary.

Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross HMO

Meet Jordyn Meyerson

***I am currently seeing clients via tele-health.***

It is a wonderful step to consider therapy. Therapy is a place to be heard; to and find a multitude of ways of moving toward goals that can benefit individuals in moving forward and gaining some peace.

I have many specialties including Addictions, Codependency, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Executive functioning (kids, adolescents, and adults), ADHD, Parents or siblings of a loved one with special needs, and Mental health concerns.

Starting something new may inquire anxiety and worry. This is natural. Any questions will be answered and worries will be explored. I will always inform you about anything you need to know. The way I do counseling is by providing a safe environment. There is no judgment. I am empathic as well as genuine. Therapy will be tailored to your needs to help achieve identified goals. I have seen great growth in individuals as they embark on this journey.

Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross HMO, In-Network with Blue Cross PPO

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